COO Zachariah Matysek talks on the National Indigenous Radio Service

08/12/2023 and

“We know our mob, we know our business, so not only will you be getting better bang for buck from a public perspective, you will also be getting a more culturally appropriate way of doing business.”

Last week our COO Zachariah Matysek spoke to Callan Murray at the National Indigenous Radio Service.

“We talk a lot about the commitments that have been made but now it’s time for government to recognise the criticality of genuine local decision-making if we are to seriously address disadvantage in our country… While it’s great to have all these commitments made and plans being written and things being said – there’s still yet to be movement on that genuine shared decision making, genuine shift of funding and decision making from government to community to enable that change to occur…

And a lot of that’s based around the whole “crawl, walk, run” perspective – but what we’re saying is there’s First Nations excellence everywhere that already exists across Australia and a lot of that crawling and walking stages were done before NATSIHAs incorporation to set us in a position to be strong in our very beginning.”

Listen in full here alongside wise words from Ian Hamm MAICD FIPAA Mark Bin Bakar Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation Catherine Liddle SNAICC – National Voice for our Children John Leha AbSec and Rachel Fishlock