A Historic Investment for Communities in the Northern Territory

08/12/2023 and media@natsiha.org.au

Today marks a significant milestone in addressing the critical housing needs of remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the Northern Territory. The announcement of a $4 billion remote housing package signals a transformative opportunity for these communities.

Aboriginal Housing Northern Territory (AHNT) CEO, Skye Thompson, described the deal as a historic “investment in people.” “It is the single most comprehensive investment package into the Northern Territory’s remote housing and homelands sector,” Ms Thompson said. “Its impact cannot be overstated.”

This investment, forged through collaboration between the federal and NT governments, Aboriginal land councils, and Aboriginal Housing NT, exemplifies the importance of partnership-driven approaches in driving sustainable development.

With an estimated construction rate of 270 new homes annually or 2,700 homes over the life of the agreement, this initiative holds promise in addressing issues of overcrowding and improving living standards for thousands of residents in remote communities.

While details regarding the types of homes to be delivered are to be finalised, this initiative represents a concerted effort to address longstanding challenges and create positive change in Indigenous communities across the Northern Territory.

We’re encouraged by the collaboration between stakeholders, all driven by a shared vision of empowerment and progress for our communities. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact of this investment as we harness the strength and vitality of our communities, ensuring they thrive for generations to come.

Read more about the announcement here:

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